Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh hi... hello.

So this is my first personal blog post. I have been blogging on a bridal blog that I created over a year ago called Bargain Bride but this is my first attempt at blogging me.

I have been working for a while on this damn thing and I can't figure out where those stars at the top came from. I blame my inability to pick a template. I think they are stuck there forever. I will just have to think of them as my blog's first tattoo, I guess.

Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, the posts that are to come are going to be a brutally honest look at how I see things. I am by nature, a grammar nerd so I will try my hardest to type correctly for ya'll as we get to know each other.

A little diddy about myself. I am from VA, I consider myself a Richmonder, although, I have relocated to the suburbs as an old married lady. I like to paint and take pictures, but somehow landed myself a job in corporate America. Cubicle life isn't so bad...unless it's really nice out and I want to wander the city. All in all, life is good. I digg it. I wouldn't change it, really. I am an over-achiever and tend to spread myself really thin, but somehow I manage it all. I give mad props to my planner, without that stupid little book, I would be lost.

I am slowly, but surely, trying to get healthier. But hey, aren't we all? I take life as it comes and look forward to what it throws my way.

Music gets me through the day. That being said, I am going to bury myself in my work with my earbuds in until it's time to go home. Currently listening to: Passion Pit.

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