Thursday, May 6, 2010

Everyone wants to be skinnier....

err... I mean healthier.  And the Venema family is no different.  PS. I have been referring to Philip and I as the "Venema family" quite a bit lately, and it's kind of cute to me. It's new for me to say, but it's totally true -- we are little familiy; us and the dogs and our soon to be roommate, Miss Katie Joyce, herself.  So on that note, we have started doing P90X.  Holy hell, this program is hard. I haven't felt this sore in years, which is totally awesome.  I love knowing I am making the right decisions and that someone is there to do it with me.  Lord knows if Philip wasn't doing it with me, I would quit asap.  I will try to keep ya'll posted on how it goes.  My friend, Jac, keeps reminding me that P90X is not the only step I need to be taking and reiterates that the other 90% of weight loss is eating better, so he has taken on the roll of coach and dietitian.  I really want this, and those of you who actually know, know that I pretty much get (and do) what I want... so here goes nothing!


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