Monday, July 12, 2010

new link!!

Hey kids! Life is calming down... just in time for the fall semester to start up.  Such is my life.  I am definitely on a mission to enjoy the rest of this summer while I can!  Lots of projects are in the works... the kitchen should be done in the next month or so.  I feel like this project is the one that will never die.  

I went to my favorite antique shop, The Oak, on Saturday after my weekly farmer's market trip, and found the most incredible print from an old tobacco crate!  I am completely obsessed with this print now.  The picture, the colors, the lines... ah everything!  It's an odd shape, but really, I am hoping to find somewhere to have it enlarged to a poster for the new kitchen. I will keep you posted.  In other kitchen news, I noticed that the old loading dock next to my farmer's market is being gutted.  I might have peaked in and saw a ton of old wood lying this abandoned warehouse!!! I assigned the hubs a new project - he is to find out how we get our hands on this wood.... for as cheap as possible!  Hopefully he pulls through.  I get more and more excited over this tiny remodel everyday.  I can't imagine how people do those projects where they gut the kitchen and start over! Holy moly that would take me for-e-ver (yes, you have to say it like in Sandlot).

In other lindavenema news, I have finally become an adult and purchased my domain name!  That's right ladies and gentlemen.... is up! Ok, sure, it may take you right back here.  But come on! I gotta start somewhere.  Thanks to my fitness buff and IT guru, Luke for the help!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The girl who lives her life in a MIA kind of way

I would be the girl who says "Oh I am so inspired..." then disappears! So sorry about that.  Some call me Joyce's recent post reminded me I have this blog and I should use it, dammit!

As ktj has already blogged, she's home!! I could not be a happier girl... okay well maybe if I won the lottery and could have all the expensive handbags my little heart desires, but that's besides the point.  My best friend in the whole world is home. Did I mention that she's living with me and the hubs?! It's a real life episode of three's company and I LOVE it!!  My only other wish would be that poppa and momma joyce would buy the house across the street from us that just went on the market.  Ok....Ok... maybe having our parents live across the street isn't the BEST idea I have ever had, but I think it's a decent one.

With Katie moving in, I haven't had much space in my studio to do anything. I kept throwing my junk in there to make room for the roomie.  But last night, i put some vinyl on the record player (hello, high school obsession with records instead of CDs) and cleaned the heck out of that room!  I finally have a floor again!  I hung new curtains, found a home for a new vintage fan that the hubs got me, semi-organized my framed art, and now I am ready to create something incredible in there.  If anyone sees a nice easel at a yard sale or something for cheap, let me know.... that is one thing the studio is lacking.