Monday, July 12, 2010

new link!!

Hey kids! Life is calming down... just in time for the fall semester to start up.  Such is my life.  I am definitely on a mission to enjoy the rest of this summer while I can!  Lots of projects are in the works... the kitchen should be done in the next month or so.  I feel like this project is the one that will never die.  

I went to my favorite antique shop, The Oak, on Saturday after my weekly farmer's market trip, and found the most incredible print from an old tobacco crate!  I am completely obsessed with this print now.  The picture, the colors, the lines... ah everything!  It's an odd shape, but really, I am hoping to find somewhere to have it enlarged to a poster for the new kitchen. I will keep you posted.  In other kitchen news, I noticed that the old loading dock next to my farmer's market is being gutted.  I might have peaked in and saw a ton of old wood lying this abandoned warehouse!!! I assigned the hubs a new project - he is to find out how we get our hands on this wood.... for as cheap as possible!  Hopefully he pulls through.  I get more and more excited over this tiny remodel everyday.  I can't imagine how people do those projects where they gut the kitchen and start over! Holy moly that would take me for-e-ver (yes, you have to say it like in Sandlot).

In other lindavenema news, I have finally become an adult and purchased my domain name!  That's right ladies and gentlemen.... is up! Ok, sure, it may take you right back here.  But come on! I gotta start somewhere.  Thanks to my fitness buff and IT guru, Luke for the help!

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